January 18, 2023
Reading Time: 3 mins

Written by Charley VAW

Are you the type of person that has that “Sunday night dread”? A miserable form of anxiety which can rob us valuable time to recharge.  The inherent feeling that yet another week is upon you, you hate your job, you want to do nothing more than stay in bed? Or, are you one of those rare people who actually looks forward to their week of work, who is already buzzing for Monday morning on Sunday evening?  

The difference of how we feel about work is so varied and sometimes we can swing from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other when work is on our mind. But why is that? Is it about finding balance? We hear, all too often, the importance of “work/ life balance” but is that possible? For hundreds of years, work has been something we have collectively dreamed of escaping from, so surely trying to change our relationship with paid work is not likely to change overnight.


How happy we are with our job depends mostly on how happy we decide to be, and whether we focus on the positive or the negative. Our ability to be happy in life is proportionate to how much we decide we want to be happy and on how little we think outer things are necessary for inwardly reacting in ways that produce contentment and happiness. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?


Our society values maximum productivity and most of us are working right at the edge of our capacity all the time at the tipping point of burn out. Many business owners can relate to this and will say that it is almost impossible to switch off from troubleshooting or brainstorming. Coupled with the ongoing mental exhaustion from owning and running a business, they also have to face the ongoing to- do list and the overwhelming burden of keeping on top of everything.


With business burn out, it becomes challenging to hobble through your day due to unresolved stress and anxiety. Potentially, resentment could be the root of burn out and that can lead to a lack of energy, purpose and indeed vision for your business. You could find yourself loathing the tasks that you once loved.


When you reach burnout or are at least staring in the face of it, the one thing you need and yet cannot afford is - rest. You are operating in constant productivity deficit and even if you do take a break you don’t have the mind set or head space to relax. It’s a never-ending cycle and sadly unless you take action, it will only get worse.


This is where a virtual assistant could become the jewel in the crown. A VA can help you accomplish tasks that keep you from the rest you so desperately need. That way, you can step away for a while and become the best version of yourself.


By taking stock of the situation and stepping back from the things that are getting you down may seem initially scary, but could be the best thing you ever did and could indeed save you from burnout.


So – ask yourself this – are you at burnout? Are you feeling that Sunday night dread? Are you worried about your work/life balance? At VA Whiz we match you to your perfect VA by listening to your needs and finding the best fit for you and your business.


If you’re not sure where to start, our team is always more than happy to help and set you up with the right person for the job. No matter how big or small the task, contact us at so we can get started.

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