August 1, 2019
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Written by jo-admin

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VA Whiz are now 14 months old and the purpose behind my starting the company has finally arrived. My Daughter has started school!

I, like many Mothers (and some Fathers), have taken up a full-time role to fit around my Daughters schooling. When given my redundancy from my 11 year job in London city, my first reaction was not to panic, having already been made redundant 3 times in the past. (I have become somewhat resilient to losing my job through global company restructures). At this stage in my life, (then the tender age of 41), becoming jobless meant that I had a whole lot more to think about.  When I started my last job over a decade ago, I was a single lady who loved nothing more than the buzz of the city and the nightlife that it offered. Roll on 11 years and I am now happily married with a beautiful Daughter. Sadly, I didn’t marry a millionaire and although my Husband is priceless, I still needed to work full time. Every parent has a choice to make on their involvement with their children and I for one, am one of those parents who didn’t want to miss out on our Daughters child-hood, her ‘firsts’ and sharing as much time with her as possible. I took the decision, as with many parents, to leave the bright lights of the city and I knew that I had to start out on my own. The door had been opened and I was going to walk through it.

VA Whiz was born, July 2017 and the company hasn’t looked back since. I strongly believe in things happening for a reason and I knew that I had to be in a financial and stable position by Summer 2018 to make things work for both myself and my family. The reason for this date is down to when my ‘why’ to the business was coming to the fore. Having learnt a wealth of experience in the last year, I am proud that my ‘why’ has had a great first few weeks at her school; I am proud that I am in a position to see my Daughter grow; I am proud that my business is strong and I am also proud to be a full time self employed working school Mummy.

Know your business ‘Why’ and remind yourself daily. Keep the focus and determination to help you to achieve your goals.

Here is my ‘Why’………….

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