Five ways to juggle your business from home

May 27, 2020
Reading Time: 3 mins

Written by Jo Boxer JaneVAW

There's nothing quite like the thrum of a work environment. That bustling background symphony of technology and people. It's the ever-present soundtrack to most businesses.

Then lockdown did the equivalent of nicking our headphones, forcing millions of us out of the office and into our homes, not so much blurring the traditional work/life balance but sticking the boot in and grinding down its heel.

We've had some time now to adjust to the "new normal" but if you're still having trouble getting to grips with how to juggle your business from home, don't worry - you're not alone. Here are a few hints to keep you on track.

It's still a real job

The first and biggest trap many business owners fall into when trying to juggle their business from home is believing the sartorial rules are different to the office. They're not. So, pack up those jammies and put some proper clothes on.

Of course nobody's going to mind if you don't rock a suit and tie or if you kick off those killer heels under the table, but you should always dress up enough to impress yourself.

Set clear goals

When there's no clear structure to the day, the time can either fly by or seem as though they'll never end. Either way you STILL don't feel like you achieved anything.

Give yourself a break - these are unprecedented times - and instead set yourself clear, achievable goals, whether it's running up a six-month business plan or checking in with a client to make sure they're coping too.

Plan, plan, plan

The devil is always in those details, and planning is as crucial when working from home as it is elsewhere. Put in place a daily or weekly structure that will help you complete tasks, achieve goals or even set new targets.

After all, your customers will still need to know you haven't lost the plot, even if they have…

Try chunking for a change

It's easy to be distracted by stuff that isn't actually that pressing when there's no formal work environment. Before you know it, half the morning's gone and all you've done is discuss the finer points of last night's Corrie.

One solution is to 'chunk' your day, setting aside time for projects that require your full concentration and leaving less-important items for later in the day. Some business owners call it a life-saver - try it and see what you think.

Talk it over

Nothing can replace a good natter over a cuppa in the office kitchen or the thrill of bouncing business ideas around a table with clients. Working from home can leave you feeling out of the loop, so what better time to flex your technological muscles and try your hand at video conferencing?

There are plenty to choose from, including Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, but they all have the same goal: giving us some of that much-missed human interaction. As well as helping you stay in touch with customers, it will also remind you there's a big, beautiful world just waiting for you to return to it.

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