How to Make Your Home Office More Green

September 9, 2020
Reading Time: 3 mins

Written by Jo Boxer JaneVAW

The children may have gone back to school, but many businesses aren't in any rush to bring their staff back to the office - and who can blame them? Covid-19 has been the mother of all stress tests for home working technology, and it's proved to be both resilient and productive.

Coronavirus also emptied the country's roads, offering a glimpse at what the world could be like without that pollution permafog. Those eco-friendly attitudes have extended beyond swapping a bike for the local bus, so what better time to showcase how you can make your home office a greener place?

Grab a pre-loved bargain

If the thought of spending a fortune on setting up a home office has left you stranded at the kitchen table nursing near-permanent backache, there is an alternative: why not consider second-hand furniture?

Check the internet for local charities or organisations selling used office supplies. You're almost guaranteed to bag a bargain, while items such as lamps can be jazzed up or toned down with new shades to better match your taste.

Check your tech

The most important bit of kit in any home office is the computer but if yours is looking a little long in the tooth, why not invest in a newer model? They have improved energy efficiency and can help save money on your electricity bill. Remember to use the standby mode when you're away from your machine for prolonged periods.

As for lighting, make it natural as much as possible, but if you have to use lamps, swap standard bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps or LED bulbs - and don't forget to turn them off when they're not being used.

Office supplies

So, you've changed that old laptop for a sleek new machine. Now's the time to overhaul your office supplies (and perhaps that clunky old printer too).

We all love our stationery, but be ruthless and make a list of what you actually need. Then put in some legwork to find local, ethical suppliers of office supplies. They will not only save you money but also reduce your business' carbon footprint.

Feeling board

Once you've whittled down all that unnecessary paper usage, you'll still need a place to brainstorm ideas and plan out projects - say hello to the humble whiteboard. 

Endlessly practical and super-easy to maintain, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Bring the outside in

Nothing says final touch than adding a bit of greenery to a room, and a home office is no different.

As well as helping improve the air quality (orchids and cacti take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen), they're also useful for reducing stress, while numerous studies have found they also help promote wellbeing and performance.

Bye, bye barista

A comforting skinny latte or energising chai tea can be ideal for getting your brain cells firing in the morning, but ditching those disposable drinks cups is a big green step forward.

Instead, invest in a special "office" mug that can be washed and reused. It could start a trend among colleagues or clients, and you can really burnish that eco-friendly halo while cracking on with the day's work.

Want to know more about how we can help you reuse, recycle and repurpose?  Virtual Assistant Whiz offers vital admin support on an ad-hoc or regular basis. Contact us at to get started.

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