How to become a Master of Your Time

March 20, 2024
Reading Time: 3 mins

Written by Charley VAW

Time management is crucial for a multitude of reasons that affect various aspects of our lives. In this modern day, we are constantly interrupted by notifications, emails, social media—to name but a few. In our distracted society, chaos has become the norm. And in business, we simply don’t have time for this!

It can be almost impossible to focus on what truly matters or know if you’re prioritising the right work at the right time. Your intentions for the day fly out the window in the face of high-priority tasks, seemingly urgent messages, and never-ending notifications. And don’t even mention that little devil on your shoulder called “procrastination.”

Effective time management allows us to maximise our productivity and achieve more in less time. By organising tasks, setting priorities, and allocating time efficiently, we can accomplish goals and tasks with greater efficiency. Sounds simple right? Alas, such simple advice can be so hard to implement.

Poor time management will usually lead to overwhelming stress levels. When we feel overwhelmed by the burden of unfinished tasks, deadlines, and an overflowing to-do list, it can negatively impact our mental and physical well-being. Proper time management helps reduce stress by providing structure, clarity, and a sense of control over our time. Again – no shock there then?

But what can we actually do? And we mean, what can we implement easily and effectively so that we can stay on track?

We all know “time is precious” and to use our time wisely we will be able to cultivate greater outcomes. We are all looking for that precious work/life balance.

Discipline is KEY to effective time management.

Time Management Discipline.

• Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do, what you should do when you should do it whether you feel like it or not.

• It’s obvious we don’t mind doing something when we feel like it, it’s when you don’t feel like it but force yourself to do it anyway, is the time you will start to become a greater value to you and your business.

• You are paid what you are paid because of your value to the marketplace. Self-discipline is the key ingredient all successful people possess.

• What decisions do you need to make in order grow in your business and your life?

• Whatever they are, make a decision today to start and then carry it out with discipline.

We have many top tips for managing your time. For the purpose of this blog - let us address that little devil we referred to earlier - PROCRASTINATION!

We are all guilty of this one, however, for the purpose of keeping it simple we are going to pick out some key points:

  • Clean your desk, it will motivate you to get to work. We love a tidy desk!
  • Do the task that gives you the biggest fear or emotional distress first. Eat that frog!
  • Give yourself a time to begin and a deadline to complete the task. Make sure you stick to the timings you have given yourself.
  • Think about the negative consequences for not competing the task.
  • Think about the positive consequences, how you will benefit.
  • Resist perfectionism, understand that you may make mistakes. You are only human!
  • Label the procrastination and ask yourself is this a positive emotion and can you benefit from it at all.
  • Develop a positive motivational habit by rewarding yourself in completion of tasks.
  • Know that completing the task will release endorphins which make you feel a rush of satisfaction and a feeling of achievement.

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