Five Time Management Hacks to Energise Your Daily Routine

February 6, 2020
Reading Time: 2 mins

Written by Jo Boxer JaneVAW

Ever wondered how some people manage to get so much done?

Somehow, they manage to keep every plate spinning perfectly.  Not only do they run a successful business, but they’ve written a series of books, they always seem to be having fun with friends, and they spend plenty of time with family.

It’s easy to feel envious of people like this.  But you’ve got the power to join their ranks, and it’s much easier than you think.

All you have to do is manage your time.

We’ve all got the same 24 hours in a day, after all.  It’s just that some people are able to do more with those hours than others.

So, if you’re not sure where to begin, here’s how to make time management work for you.

Establish a morning routine

High achievers tend to have one thing in common: they have a well-established morning routine.

A routine sets you up for the day, putting you in the mindset for success.  So, whether you decide to take a sunrise jog, tackle your most challenging task first, or simply eat a healthy breakfast, make the first thing you do each day really count.

Shorten your ‘to-do’ list

When you run a business, there’s always a lot to do.  We’ve all been guilty of making extra-long task lists that make our hearts sink…just where are we going to find the time to get it all done?

Taking a shorter-term view, by asking yourself, “what are the three most important tasks I need to finish today?” will help to sharpen your focus.

Avoid unnecessary meetings

Ah, the dreaded meeting.  Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey are famous for eschewing them, while research shows that they are actual productivity-killers.

If you really must schedule a meeting, make sure there’s a genuine need for it, and keep the agenda as light as possible. 

Otherwise, do as Musk and Winfrey prefer, and send a detailed email instead.

Schedule ‘dead time’

Don’t feel as though you have to fill up every blank space in your calendar.  Your time is precious, after all.

Scheduling in ‘dead time’ every so often will help you deal with unforeseen events, give you some much-needed head space, or simply allow you some flexibility over your schedule.

As the great Warren Buffett says, “I can buy anything I want, but I can’t buy time”.

Develop a social media schedule for your business

Social media is unavoidable if you’re a business owner.  But it shouldn’t eat into your day so much that it distracts you from the actual work you should be doing.

Your first step is to establish which social media platforms are relevant to your business, then concentrate on those.  If you’re not getting much business from Twitter, for example, consider posting less frequently.

Then, planning and scheduling your social media content in advance will help you stay focused, as you keep your followers informed and entertained.

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