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Partner with us, and you’ll never be alone on your journey towards greater efficiency and better productivity.

Going the extra mile for our clients

Our Director, Jane Eve Horgan, formed Virtual Assistant Whiz to support executive board members. We do this by providing personal assistance, administration and project management services that are flexible and fully tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our elite VAs cover a multitude of industries and skillsets, and their knowledge, experience and faultless work ethic ensures they can cater to the administrative needs of any business, regardless of its size or industry.
Meet the team
Our core team is based in Essex, England – but we have the tools and the flexibility to provide board-level executive assistance to individuals and companies across the globe.

Let us be your trusted partner on the path to success, guiding you every step of the way and spotting new opportunities for expansion as we grow your business together. Contact Virtual Assistant Whiz directly to learn more about our work, our capabilities, and how we can save you money. We can work with you on a rolling contract or on a retainer basis.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team

Jane Eve Horgan

Owner & Director

Boasting a 30-year-long career in administration, during which she worked extensively as an executive assistant within both small businesses and global corporations, Jane has a wealth of experience when it comes to servicing uplines.

Her role now is to manage our VA consultancy, in her uniquely ‘human’ way. She is responsible for building teams, improving processes, and building relationships whilst marketing the business so we can continue to bring our high value solutions to a wider network of clients. She brings calm to what is a challenging area of work to many, and she excels in creating working structures that suit all parties.

Outside of the office, her number one focus is family and friends. In her own time, you’ll often see Jane watching or performing in musical productions.

Clare Horsley

Client Engagement Manager

Leading the way when it comes to client engagement, Clare ensures every client of ours feels valued, supported, and appreciated.

With a natural ability to identify solutions and positive outcomes for our clients, Clare loves to understand every client’s unique business requirements, then use this knowledge to ensure they can reach their full business potential. She loves nothing more than solving big (and small) problems for the business owners and busy executives in her care.

Clare has more than 25 years’ experience in client relations, PR, and training. She is also NLP qualified.

Once she’s shut down her laptop for the day, you’ll find Clare spending time with family, walking her little dog Tinka, or exploring her passions for art and interior design.

Charley Godding

VA and Business Manager

As well as working as a virtual assistant herself, Charley heads up the VA side of our business. She also runs our social media output and attends networking events on our behalf. Some might say she’s Jane’s right-hand woman!

Charley spent 20 years in investment banking before transitioning into her current role. Conscientious, reliable, and extremely hardworking, she has a warm, friendly way about her, and our clients often comment on her approachability. She also has an MA in Business Organisation to her name.

When she’s not at work, Charley loves to spend her time seeing family and friends. She’s also passionate about upcycling old furniture and loves getting stuck into a DIY project or two.

A message from our Director

“My favourite thing about my role is seeing the clarity and calm that comes from helping my overwhelmed clients. Seeing them break free from the tasks that were holding both themselves and their businesses back is truly rewarding.

“Our daily routines can be chaotic, and sometimes it can feel like we’re even too busy to ask for help. But the right support is out there, it will make a difference, and it really can be delivered by people who are just as invested in your success as you are.”


Your secret weapon

We operate an ever-growing network of elite VAs who can support ambitious companies in all kinds of ways. These talented professionals cover a multitude of industries and skillsets, and their knowledge, experience and faultless work ethic ensures our consultancy can cater to the needs of any business, regardless of its size or scale.

We specialise in supporting Executive Board members by providing personal assistance, administration and project management services that are flexible and fully tailored to their own requirements. Though we’re based in Essex, England, we have the tools and the flexibility to provide board-level executive assistance to companies across the globe.
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Virtual Assistant and do I need one?

Do you ever run out of hours in the day to complete vital tasks to keep your business running? VA’s give you back the gift of TIME. We offer a range of services that can simplify your life and improve your productivity. By outsourcing the tasks you don’t have the time or inclination to do, you will be left with more time to grow the business you love or spend quality time with friends and family.

What are the benefits of a VA?

By hiring a VA, you will only pay for the productive hours that you use which is more cost effective than the complicated expense of hiring a PAYE employee. In turn, this allows you to have a greater flexibility on working hours, increase your productivity and focus on the growth within the business. Not only that, but you can also save up to 78% in operating costs, therefore increasing your business revenue.

When is it time to hire a Virtual Assistant?

What tasks can a VA undertake for me?

Our high calibre VA's are skilled in a variety of business-related tasks. Much of the work you do in your business can be delegated to a well-trained assistant. Some examples of common tasks include:

• Personal Assistance; email and diary management, travel, expenses, events and conferences, client entertainment, presentation documentation, minute taking, call screening, personal chores and building relationships with your contacts.
• Administrative tasks; data entering, uploading content to websites; proofreading; e-filing, service calls, payments, quotes, and billing; chasing payments, paying bills.
• Marketing tasks; blogging; content writing; social media management; account creation and management.
• Customer service tasks; monitoring and responding to email and telephone calls; following up with clients who have placed orders; tracking purchases; basic problem solving and troubleshooting.
• Sales tasks; basic lead generation; prospect qualification; customer and competitor research.

These are just a few examples of what a VA can do for your business- but there is so much more we can assist with. We offer a complimentary consultation call so we can understand what is important to you, please click here to book your complimentary call 

Why should I not just employ someone?

Most regular employees physically report to work and have a set window of time they work to. Meanwhile, virtual assistants can work from anywhere and at any time. In many cases, regular employees are full-time employees whilst VA’s offer more of a flexible set-up. VA’s can work for as little as 3 hours per month, up to 40 hours per week, depending on your individual requirements. You are in control! Not only that, you only pay for a VA’s “productive time” – meaning that any downtime for tea/coffee/comfort breaks are not timed and therefore not charged unlike a “regular employee”.

How are our VAs regulated and how do they record their time?

We use a professional timer app (typically Toggl) which will produce a breakdown of tasks carried out on a time sheet which will be included in your monthly invoice. This ensures transparency, so you can see exactly how long each task is taking and how your VA is utilising their allocated hours. You will only be charged for the time worked by the VA, and this would be broken down into 15-minute increments against the hourly rate. If your VA works 1 hour and 12 mins, we will round up to the nearest 15 mins so you would be charged for 1.25 hours.

What is the difference between a VA/PA and a Virtual Executive assistant?

• A VA is like a PA but works virtually. They can be tasked with a plethora of administrative tasks.
• An EA (or VEA) will be more skilled in anticipating the needs of the executive. They are highly adaptable, they can anticipate the exec’s needs, act as your co-ordinator, and proactively clear the way by reassigning tasks to themselves if needed. They are more adept at understanding (proactively) an executive’s needs and can, if need be, make decisions on your behalf.

VA Whiz offer all types of assistance to any size of company, but we are specialised in providing remote Executive Assistance. There has been a huge demand for executive support in the last few years, more so as a result of the Covid lockdowns. There has been a huge surge in the demand for having a flexible assistant who only charges for their working time along with the ability to work in various global time zones.


How do we ensure we provide you with the right VA?

VA Whiz are very thorough with our onboarding process for any VA’s on our books. We carefully check the backgrounds of our VA’s, ensuring that their career, knowledge, and education are genuine. We also request references when required to do so. We rigorously interview the VA via email, call and zoom prior to onboarding to ensure grammar, presentation and their voice are of a high standard. All VA’s present their education and courses where applicable and we hold regular meetings with the VA’s to assist with their growth.

Why do I need to have a consultation call?

This call is paramount in order to establish the areas of support required and gain an understanding of the nature of your business. This would also give us the chance to target what’s important to you before we start working on your to-do list. It may be that you have no idea where to start, which is where our experts will step in to work with you in identifying the pain points of your day-to-day routine. VA Whiz will hand hold you through the processes and benefits of hiring a VA. Book a discovery call.

I am ready for a VA, now what do I do?

After the consultation call and by us having clarity of your requirements, we can then match you to one of our skilled VA’s, preferably with industry knowledge and the skill sets needed to get you on the road to great organisation.

Interviews can be arranged if required and an agreement would need to be signed ahead of an introduction to your VA. A placement will be provided within 3 working days, unless looking in a specialised field requiring our search to be expanded for the perfect match. We will hand hold you through the onboarding process and beyond.

What are your rates? Do you charge by the hour?

VA Whiz have hourly rates, fixed rates, and retainer rates – working with whatever suits your needs and budget. Our prices are among the most reasonable in the industry. Our rates start from £35 per hour depending on the complexity of assistance you require.

How would I be billed?

VA Whiz offers several plans for client use, each plan defines the service offered and billing terms. We will work with you to determine which plan is best for you, in terms of budget and need. Our hourly rates are broken down in to increments of 15 minutes of which the times can be aligned with the monthly electronic timesheets.

As per our contract, any work carried out for less than 60mins will be billed at a minimum of 1 hour. If no work has taken place at all in a month, the bill will be zero. Payments must be made via BACS transfer. Invoicing is done at month end, and you will receive an electronic invoice via Xero. All invoices are subject to VAT.

I am not located in the UK. Can you still help me?

We provide services to assist businesses globally, so location is not an issue.

How Do You Manage Virtual Assistants?

Working remotely can seem daunting when managing new members to the team. As part of our ongoing service, all of our VAs are fully supported to ensure they have everything they need to carry out their remit. Should it be required, you will be notified of any information to ensure all parties work together effectively, to ensure maximum productivity.

How do I know that my business and customer details will be safe?

Confidentiality is of the highest importance with any role and more so when working remotely. All our VA’s would have to agree to and sign an NDA before working with us. This covers the security of data, security and GDPR. Equally, all Clients are to sign a service agreement which identifies all security and privacy issues are adhered to with the utmost professionalism. All data is kept secure and where possible, we ask for clients to password secure any highly sensitive documents for greater protection. All VAs who are onboarded are fully insured prior to commencing any work.

Can I have a virtual assistant who can also work in person?

Being a fully remote workers we mainly promote the remote working. That said, if a client requested a hybrid option, we can source a VA geographically close to the client’s location. All expenses are to be covered for travel and hourly charges will be incurred during this period. Any time the VA would spend away from the desk is chargeable. Overnight stays charges would need agreement before a VA can commit.

Do you still have any other questions? Speak to our team.
By hiring a VA, you aren’t only getting an extra set of hands--you’re hiring highly skilled individuals who are trained to automate and streamline processes. A good VA will know how to maximize productivity apps and help make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

Administrative and busy work are inevitable in any business and a VA can take over so that you can spend more time in the key areas of your business.

Once you find the right fit, you may be surprised at how much your VA can do for you and your company! They can really help you take your business to the next level!

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